the truth about tarantula's in Haiti

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They are real. And there is one alive in my house somewhere.

I wish I was joking, or lying, or anything other than telling the truth.

But I saw one this week crawl out of a shoe box in my bedroom as I was packing up my closet. It is way more than possible that I freaked out more than I have ever freaked out.

You know how people like to say "I almost peed my pants" when they are talking about a scary situation...

There was no almost about my reaction.

It looked very similar to the one in this picture, but I am not a crazy person who stopped long enough to take a photographic documentation of the demonic creature, so it just looks similar to this one...

The only redeeming aspect of this interaction with a tarantula is that when Jeremiah got home and I sent him to our room to go all Navy Seal and kill the sucker I totally followed him into the bedroom and pretended that I saw it on the wall next to his head and I got to see my husband freak out like I have never seen him freak out.

I might have laughed for a solid 5 minutes.

That whole evening I caught him looking at me with a new found fear respect in his eyes. I don't think he knew I had it in me to get him like that.

So there you have it...tarantulas really do live in Haiti. And if you start to notice that your cockroach population has diminished those closet doors really really carefully.
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Allyson said...

oohh yuck yuck yuck!!! I would be moving out immediately haha!

I had several encounters with ts. They are bug eaters so I leave them alone! :)