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We are in the single digits as of today.

I'm one third giddy with excitement, one third sad with all we leave behind,  and one third nervous to repatriate into American society. I vacillate between the three on a minute by minute basis.

This week was deemed Operation Get all the Kids off of Mission Campus and Spend Some Quality Time with Them. OGKOMCASSQTWT for short. Smaller groups is where it is at when you try to spend any type of quality time with this big number.

Yesterday was the first day that I can finally say that Zoe was truly almost her normal self since she was hit with the chick V. Almost. I'll take it. Thank you all for praying. That was the sickest she has ever been and I am so happy to be on this side of it.

The keneps are ripe and it has been a free for all around the mission. Keneps are a small green fruit that grow in clusters with a thin skin that easily pops open when they are ripe in the summer months on the island. So yummy. So messy.

Ezra likes to mash his up and make a juice out of it. In extremely sanitary conditions, of course.

I have been spending some time on Pinterest this past week as I am starting the beginning stages of planning for next years school year and I just have one question: When did mason jars get so popular? I must have missed something over this last year.  It seems as if the whole pinterest world believes that drinking kool-aid out of a mason jar suddenly elevates it into something far more interesting.

And now that I'm on the verge of sounding like a cranky granny I'll sign off and wish everyone a happy Thursday!

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Tonya Hurter said...

This thought of you all moving back makes me pretty excited. I'll let you settle in before I start stalking you though ;-)