saturday spaghetti

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I made a trip to Raleigh and back this week, just one quick night away. The reason for my going was the Kids Exchange consignment sale, but I really just wanted an excuse to hang out and see my mom and a few of my siblings. I got to crash on the couch of my friend Tasha and hang out with her for a night and I even ran into a few dear friends at the it felt like a mini reunion trip.

I even managed to squeeze in a few minutes with some of my nieces and nephews.

I got bike helmets and soccer cleats and homeschool supplies and all four kiddo's summer wardrobes...all for about 1/4 of the price I would have paid for new.

I am especially excited about the summer clothes for the kids as we left every last stitch of clothes in Haiti (other than what they wore home, obviously!) and hated the thought of starting over paying full price anywhere.

We will be needing those summer clothes as we have finalized the dates for our summer in Haiti again this year! As soon as our school ends we will all be headed to Haiti for the Summer as a family.

Today I head out, yet again, to Tennessee this time. Ella and I are going to help out my best buddy Briana and her kiddo's for a week while her husband is out of town.

We are in the process of creating a mailing list of all our friends and supporters and those who are just plain nosey. Yes, an actual physical mailing in paper mail that comes to your mailbox. Who knew people even did that anymore?! If you'd like to get our newsletter (it'll only come 4x's a year so don't worry...we aren't going to suddenly inundate your mailbox!) click here to sign up.

I may or may not have a bet going with Jeremiah to see how many people we can actually get to sign up. He is the big picture guy, I am the live-in-reality lady...and our bet might involve a bra and a certain bugs bunny tattoo. I'll let your imagination do the rest...

Happy Saturday everyone!

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