the year of the chicken, short hair, and surprise endings

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Ya'll, we had a BIG year.

Last night Jeremiah and I sat up waiting for the ball to drop (I actually stayed up till midnight for the first time since before kids!) and we reminisced and remembered what a wild and crazy wild our 2014 was...

9 months of the year was spent living in Haiti,
1 trip to Uganda,
Multiple trips up and down (and up and down) the east coast,
1 amazing Holy Week with 40 amazing kids,
26 mile hike across Haiti,
5 Hambricks down with the chicken chimichanga (otherwise known as Chickengunya),
1 super giant swing set/playhouse completed for 40 amazing kids,
86 birthday cakes baked,
3 days spent in the mountains of Haiti,
1,000,000 hugs and kisses and tuck-ins and lullabies,
1,230 mile long international move,
2 weeks of family togetherness vacations at Lake Anna and Corolla Beach,
12 inches of hair cut off,
3 months of waiting for direction to our "next step",
and finally...
1 decision made about our ministry for 2015.

In this big year I've learned that I serve a really big God who has invited me to be a part of a really big story. I love walking with him and love what he has lead us into for this next year.

I'll have more details to share very soon...stay tuned!

In the meantime, how about a walk down 2014's memory lane...

Happy New Year everyone!

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