a labor day weekend in i-phone photos

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I'm just going to pretend that I haven't been a blog slacker (what kind of person lets school creep up on the priority list over blogging?!) and post a few photo's from our Labor Day weekend...

Jeremiah took the kids on a road trip for the weekend. He had taken them on the north end of the Blue Ridge Parkway last Fall while I was in Uganda and he had promised them that they'd do the south end this year. And being a man of his word...well, what can I say except that my kids don't even know what a good thing they have in their Dad.

He packed them all, planned (or not planned) it all out, and off they went. I didn't want to know too many details (there is nothing good that will come out of wondering if they remembered to brush teeth...) but I do know they all had a blast! The kids could not stop talking about all their adventures.

What was I doing in their absence? 
Good question.
Oh, you know...just getting to relax and eat amazing food and read and  pray and go for long walks and refuel at the lake with my Briana and some lovely girlfriends.

For 3 entire days, people. 

I feel like a new woman this week.

Labor Day lovely ladies that I so enjoyed getting to spend time with.

And yes, reality has slapped me back into reality.

But I'm ever so grateful for a restored love of my reality.

I wouldn't trade it for the world.
(But I would repeat my Labor Day Weekend once a month...just sayin.)

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