my here and now

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So many comings and goings,
but right now,
right here,
while the rain is coming down,
the skies are grey,
the house is surprisingly quiet,
my heart is full thinking of my "here."

Transitioning from Haiti to VA life was tricky for me this time...I felt a pull to maintain the same level of involvement in the UTWWK ministry work while attempting to throw myself into my American life and ministry of homeschooling and church and friends and appointments and commitments and so on and so forth...

And, of course, (duh) I crash and burn when I try to do it all.

But it was a quick crash and thankfully, I have given myself permission not to do it all. I took some time to re-prioritize and re-organize and take some deep breaths.

I was reminded that here and now is where God has placed me, doing exactly what I need to be doing...pouring into my family, being available for my husband and friends, and being obedient to the opportunities the Lord has already placed in my life.

My sense of purpose has returned with joy to do the job I am called to do...right here and right now.

My joy bombs!

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Carissa said...

That picture is awesome!!

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