French Ninja Warriors (and how to get free ice cream from Chick-Fil-A)

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On Tuesday morning, 
after clearing the cobwebs of sleep from their brains, 
an idea popped into my kiddo's heads that was beyond the ordinary "mmm, lets have pancakes for breakfast"  lightbulb moment.
"Lets make a Ninja Warrior course in the backyard!" 

Because, of course that is what every kid wakes up thinking about on a Tuesday morning.

And off they went. 

(Disclaimer: Off they went after I was the fun sucker and make them complete their workbooks.)

For hours and hours and hours...

Creating, building, wrangling dangerous old boards with rusty nails sticking out of them from the discarded wood pile, hanging ropes, constructing balance beams, and warped walls.

And then, because "American" Ninja Warriors are so 2014 and France has been our country of study in Geography this week, they decided they needed French flags painted on their faces to really get into the spirit of the competition...

It's possible I was the fun-sucker yet again and nixed the painted face for Ezra due to his crazy sensitive skin that overreacts to anything other than my kisses =)

This ever evolving course has brought hours of enjoyment all week with nary a splinter or broken bone despite the decidedly not-up-to-code conditions of their inventions. Health hazard, people. 

(Yes, there is a then...)

They spent approx 1.2 minutes at the brand new pretty much completely child proofed and padded Chick-Fil-A playground and we end up at the doctors office with stitches. 

And free ice-cream.


That's how you do it folks.


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Mya Briggs said...

Man looks like they had fun Sister:) But not the part on going to doctors. How is Ezra? Praying.... Glad you all had fun :)