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The great wash out. Non-stop rain since Friday with no end in sight.

It's a good thing we like rainy days.

Last week, after I had looked at the forecast and realized that we only had one more dry sunshiney day before the rains came, I forced talked Jeremiah into cleaning out the shed.

Which turned into cleaning out the laundry room.
Which morphed into re-organizing all my kitchen cabinets, linen and bathroom closets.
Then my closet and the kids closets were screaming not to be forgotten.
Of course, one cannot leave out the toy bins...

And all this, just in time for the rains to come and me to sit back and enjoy my nice organized house.

Of course, I now have to have a yard sale...
If it ever decides to stop raining.

And now, because I'm feeling like a good bullet point list, here is the Hambrick How-To-Survive Wash-Out Days:

  •  Relax - A little extra screen time is not going to permanently harm anyone.
  •  Make some sort of warm hearty soup or chili.
  •  Bake some kind of baked goodie thingie.
  •  Get a few extra movies from the library.
  •  Allow the pillow pile/forts/obstacle courses to happen 
  •  Throw some rain boots on and go on out and get wet. (Contrary to what my father-in-law believes, I don't believe that rain is infused with germs that make you sick. I love you Jim.)
  • When all the above fails, go to the Mall/Library/Museum/Chuck E Cheeses/Meme's house.

What's your secret to surviving rainy days? 

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Bill said...

It's been raining here for DAYS. Everything is a sloppy muddy mess. So I rearrange my do-list and move those "inside" jobs (that seem to get pushed to the bottom during the summer) to the top. And admittedly I don't feel any rush to get started on a rainy dreary morning (like this one).