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It's Monday night and the kids are in bed and I am finally finding time to catch up on my blogging. Here are some updates on our past week:

We decided to make a quick trip to VA this week to visit with our Via family. We loved all the family-togetherness with Meme and Poppee, Joy and Jay, Josh and Tasha, and Rainy and Zeke. We dyed & hunted eggs together...and indulged in way too much Easter candy =)

Ella has proved once again that she is 100% my daughter. She decided last weekend that she didn't want to "poop in her diaper anymore".


Up until this point she had shown NO interest in potty training and with a move coming up I wasn't about to take on the task of potty training. So, when Ella declared that she wanted to "go in the potty" I just told her to go in her diaper =)

Uh, No...

"No, Mommy...I go on the potty". And ever since then she has gone on the potty. She knows what she wants and she knows when she is ready and then she just does it. Sounds like someone else I know.

Ezra is talking now! He started saying "Dada" today and has been saying it non-stop ever since. Too cute!

Ella and I started "school" this week. We are going to slowly go through the alphabet...taking on one letter a week. She can tell you the difference between big A and little A and the sound A makes...and sing a cute little ditty about the letter A. We've colored pictures of A's, cut out A's, glued A's...etc. She is loving it and asks everyday to do "school wif you".

Ella and Ezra have been having some "roomtime" together lately...here's a peek at what it looks like...

Our Easter service was awesome at Grey Stone this year! What a celebration of the resurrection...and how incredible to see people making decisions to follow Christ. The rest of our Easter Sunday was a fun day that included naps, a great dinner, a homemade chocolate pie, play-time in the golf-course sand pit behind our house while still in our Easter finest, and family togetherness with more of our Via-family Jonathan and Kelly, Cana and Kayil. What a great day!

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mommajeane said...

We were shocked that was Ezra on the steps... He has changed so much. We loved his DaDa too. Ella is so much like you ... we smile lots remembering you. Thanks for sharing all the Easter celebrations with us... We missed you all this year.

Kelly Via said...

Jenn, we started our A's yesterday! Cana loves "ABC School" Could you send me the link to the website for the ABC ideas? Thanks!

my goodness i love your pictures. such a sweet family.

I found some grass flowers (they were purple!!) in a friends' yard on Easter and thought of you.

Happy Sprint (and almost our birthdays) time!

Spring, not Sprint (unless Sprint starts paying me for advertising).