Ezra James...

Our baby boy will turn 6 months old next Saturday. Wow. I can't believe it. He remains a laid-back, easy to please, happy little man. He loves people and being in the middle of things. He can roll over and sit assisted for short periods of time. He loves to splash in the bathtub and get everything wet. He LOVES his big sis. His favorite toy of the moment is a measuring tape from my sewing kit =) He hasn't tried a food yet he didn't like...and it shows =) He is just starting to fully realize the fun possibilities his exersaucer and jumper hold for him. He is a great sleeper...sleeping 11-12hours a night and 2 - 2 hr naps a day for me. These next months with him are going to be a blast!

God has truly blessed us.


mommajeane said...

Boy, he smiles with his whole face.
Who is making him smile so big?


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