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I overheard a conversation taking place this morning between Ella,Guacamole (Ella's much loved baby-doll)and a wooden alligator puzzle piece:

Ella to Guacamole: Its okay baby

Ella to Alligator: I told you not bite Guacamole. You hafta get a spanking...cause you disobey.

3 smacks later...

Ella to Alligator: I wuv you...hafta obey. Please God. It go well wif you. I wuv you.
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the broomes said...

Your dime-eating, orange-coloring little girl is precious. ...And what a tender little heart...praise God!!!:)

Becky Swann said...

that is so sweet!
I have to tell you something funny, I ran into my friend Becky from college and she is having a baby boy in May and naming him Ezra, it's like she wants to join our name club in a combined sorta way:) At first I responded like oh that's weird, but then was glad I stopped myself from explaining because it would have made no sense to her.
thought you would get a kick out of that:)

what a cutie! Poor guacamole. ;)

Tasha Via said...

That is so cute!! It shows what loving good parents you two are=)

Josh Via said...