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Ella had her roomtime today at 10:30am, just like normal. I went in to get her around 11am and was greeted by a not so normal site. Orange marker on the walls, the dresser, her quilt and pillow, her shirt and pants, her step stool, her bed rails, and a few other miscellaneous toys.


We had a "discussion" on where her artistic endeavors are allowed to happen.

Yes, the markers are in a very safe spot now.

Any suggestions for getting non-washable marker out of fabric?
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ha. that is great. i hope you took some pictures.

sorry, no suggestions.

Tasha Via said...

OH NO!!! I can't help but smile though. I have no ideas either...

the broomes said...

I hope you took pictures as well! Hey...at least you already "sold" your house before your little artist went to town! ha! *The only thing I can think of is a good/thick paste of oxy clean.

Kelly Via said...

When Cana drew on our White couch with the Dark Pink sharpie, we scrubbed it with a heavy duty high traffic carpet cleaner...it took about 98% of it out. Maybe you could scrub some on it and then wash it in it?? Just a thought...might be a terrible idea.

So sorry Jenn! I wonder what your face looked like when you walked in there!! :) You didn't happen to snap a picture did you?

No pictures because my camera batteries were charging...and I was a little bit overwhelmed and not thinking straight =)

Wow! Hey, they were demonstrating a cleaning solution at Costco this weekend. They promised it gets out permanent marker?? Might be worth a try. : )