Jeep For Sale

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**Ooops...I just updated with price info**

We are selling our Jeep and I thought I'd post it on here in case anyone was interested...or you know of anyone interested.

Here are the details and some pictures:

1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited
Leather seats.
Power locks and windows.
Cd Player.
Running boards.
Luggage Rack.
6 Cylinder
123,000 miles
$3,800 OBO

We are the 2nd owners and it is in great condition. Jeremiah has kept the oil changed regularly and done all the maintenance on it. The only reason we are selling it is because we 1) need the money for the adoption and 2) we need a car with more seats!

image 1429564715-1
image 1429564715-0
image 1429564715-2
image 1429564715-3
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I am the mom said...

This may not actually go anywhere, but how much are you asking?

Katelyn said...

Could you please tell us how much you are asking? Thanks!

I'm such a doo-flotch =)

We are asking $3,800 OBO

Deb H said...

what exactly is a doo flotch? I don't think I like you calling my precious daughter in law that! ;-)