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I wanted to see that movie when it was in theaters...but that never happened =)

I think I maybe see about 2-3 movies a year in a movie theater. If I've actually got some free non-kid time, like on a date with my hubby, I usually want to do something else than go to a movie. Not that I don't enjoy movies. I just am usually looking forward to some time to actually hold an uninterrupted conversation with my favorite conversationalist.

Speaking of dates, Jeremiah surprised me by hiring our favorite sitter on my birthday this Thursday.

Yes, I am now 27 years old. (See the connection with the title...that's for you Briana.)It's hard to believe I am pushing 30. I don't mind the idea of getting older. My 20's have been incredible...and I actually am really looking forward to my 30's.

What a blessed life I've had:

Born into a family that loved (and still loves!) me,
Married (almost) 5 years to the most incredible husband,
Given birth to the 2 cutest and sweetest kids in the world (at least to me!),
and Always been surrounded by friends that "get" me.

Thank you Lord.

We had a great date. We went "es-ploring" as Ella says and discovered Durham's American Tobacco Historic District. An urban renovation of Durham's old tobacco warehouses...turned into a cool shopping and eating area. I almost didn't feel like I was in Durham =)

I think the movie comes out on DVD this weekend. Now, I've just got to talk Jeremiah into watching his 2nd chick-flick of the week.
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