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Well, its time that I finally get my blog on. I have been sitting with my wife blog browsing for about 16 hours now, and I got this crazy idea that I should write something. So, the past few weeks have been a whirlwind. We have finally moved in, gotten pictures on the wall, and gotten internet (which by modern standards, is the milestone to meet to be officially moved). I love this house. I love this place. I mean, Ella and I went for a bike ride and a boat ride in the same afternoon and I didn't have to drive anywhere! We chased geese! They run really funny. One of the babies wasn't paying attention and we almost got it, but at the last second it saw the horrible fangs and terrible teeth of Ella and took off towards the water. Ella thought it was great. We threw cereal into the pond in an attempt to entice some fish with whole grain goodness. You know that one afternoon with my family made all the work worth it.

Work you say? Yes, work I say! I don't think I was in bed before 1am for the last two weeks. My back is killing me, my left thumb has disowned me, I caught a cold, and I got a sty. We remodeled two bathrooms of which the walls consist of quite possibly the hardest studs ever cut. We built a laundry room, installed new lighting, remodeled the kitchen, prepped the downstairs bedrooms for sheetrock (I do NOT want to finish those). Lets see, oh I installed a dishwasher which had nothing to start with but a hole under the counter, hooked up the water for the icemaker, removed and replaced two toilets, replaced a cast iron bath tub that I believe would withstand a nuclear blast, replaced a ton of light switches and outlets (without turning the power makes it so exciting, which reminds me. Jenn's brother Ben was with me helping out, a HUGE help, and he was replacing I light switch beside me. He has a terrible fear of being shocked, I have no idea why, so he was handling the fixture rather gingerly when I made a loud PHISSSS noise. He had to change his pants. Well, maybe not change his pants, but he did jump and almost drop everything. I laughed and laughed, then I got shocked for the third time and stopped laughing.) I love stories in parenthesis. Anyways, I hauled off three truck loads of trash, blew of the back patio with my awesome shop vac plus blower (Thanks for the advice Dad!), and it feels like home! All that was worth it to see my kids having a great time here. My wife has been great, my Mom and Dad and Kate and Ben where HUGE helps (seriously, I couldn't have done it without you guys). Free stay for all of you anytime! Well, the rain is coming down and I am getting tired. I will post some pictures this week. I can totally see why this blogging thing is so addictive. Oh no, I better go.
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