The newest additions

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Our 1st attempt at a pet ended in disaster...

Our turtle, TZ (short for Turt-Zilla) died with what we had diagnosed as pneumonia. Of course he died on the 31st day after we had bought all his aquarium and stuff, so we couldn't return anything =)

TZ resides in a grave behind our seminary apartment in Wake Forest.

Yes, we actually buried him. May he rest in peace.

Let's hope our new attempt doesn't end the same way!

We are now the proud parents of two parakeets. We still haven't come up with any names (besides Ella's idea of "Caw" and "Baby Caw") Any ideas?

My attempts at taking a picture of them weren't that successful. However, here's one of the better ones...

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the broomes said...

We have yet to attempt the whole pet thing...I don't think I'm ready for one. ...But my first pet was a bird and I loved him so much (until my little sister drowned him in his water might want to look out for that...:))

Tasha Via said...

You are a better mom than I=) Congrats on the new additions. Can't wait to meet 3 DAYS!! Hey, I just got my book we talked about. I ordered it and it came in about 3 days!! I'm pretty excited about it=)