Rainy Day

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It has rained all day today. Despite being in a drought, I usually don't like rainy days too much with the kids having to be cooped up inside all day.

But, today I was in the mood for a rainy day.

We've had the best, most relaxing day that I can remember having in a very long time. We put on our rain boots and stomped in the puddles. We pulled out our umbrellas and danced in the rain. We watched way too many episodes of The Wonder Pets and ate way too many goldfish crackers.

Then after the kids went down for their nap I didn't do any of my normal chores. Nope, I toke a bubble bath. Followed by a nap. Then a cup of coffee with a new book.

The kids are getting up now.

On the agenda tonight is...

more fun.
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Briana said...

wow that sounds like the perfect day. MMMmmmmmm. love it.

mommajeane said...

Beautiful pics.... Ezra's blue eyes could not be bluer and sweet Ella.... Oh I wish we were closer.