I wanna go in dere...

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Ella has been doing something new this week. As we read a book or look at pictures she will ask to "go in dere". Meaning, she wants to go into the story or the picture. She found a picture this morning of her swimming in Smith Mountain Lake from Via vacation last summer and kept asking me if she could "go in dere wif Cana and Rainy and go swimming wif Uncle Moose and Uncle Flizz-dizz".

Not their real names obviously, but she calls them that =)

She even went so far as to put the picture on the floor and step on it, trying to get into it. Wouldn't that be cool if it really worked that way.
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Briana said...

has someone been watching Mary Poppins? that might only reinforce this idea of "going in dere".

p.s. happy almost your birthday!

Kelly Via said...

That is so so cute!! I love it! Isn't that the way their little minds work, thought? I love their ideas.