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I was walking back down the driveway this week after getting the mail and took those moments to breathe in the fall air...
to look at the beauty of the trees...
to be amazed at the gorgeous coordination of the colors of nature.

While my life isn't perfect.
My kids aren't perfect.
My house isn't perfect.
Our job isn't perfect.
And my husband (shocker, I know) isn't either...

I am overwhelmingly, abundantly, and undeniably loved by a perfect God who chooses to display a little of that love in the beauty of his creation on a walk down the driveway on a fall day.

Take a minute today to reflect on the perfection of your creator and the perfect way he loves you.
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Briana said...

beautiful shot. wish i was there to walk out to the mail with you. maybe we could find some grass flowers.

miss you