Purse Psychology

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My favorite red purse died on me a few weeks ago. The zipper broke completely off and the handles were not far behind. As I switched the contents over to a new purse I remembered an article I had read recently that surmised that you can tell a lot about someone just by going through the contents of their purse.

And, because this is just riveting information that I am sure you are dying to know...

Here are the contents of my purse:

3)baby wipes
4)thomas the train underwear
5)2 boxes of raisins (one full one empty)
8)small brush/mirror combo
11) hand sanitizer
12)wallet (with $1 in cash, debit card, well worn library card, museum membership card, wedding photo, kindergarten photo of Jeremiah, insurance cards, drivers license, and random receipts)
14)strawberry shortcake (the doll, not the dessert)
15)nutrigrain bar wrapper
16) cell phone - a three year old outdated model that works just fine for me
17) i touch - loaded with kids games and more kids games
18) ripped out craft idea from a parents magazine from the doctors office. (shhh, don't tell.)
19) stick
20) bottle of advil

Yeah. I don't think there is anything too exciting to interpret with my contents.

I'm a mom.
Of boys.
Of potty training boys.
And one girl.
Slightly germaphobic and concerned about bad breath.
Thinks her husband as a five year old was pretty cute.
Likes to read.
Doesn't always eat a good breakfast.
Isn't afraid to break some rules.
Needs to clean out her purse.

Also, if I had to narrow it down to only my wallet and keys and then pick one more item to carry with me...I'd have to say the chapstick would win. Definitely the chapstick.

So, what do you think? Is there something to this purse psychology? What would your one item be beyond the bare essentials?
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Addie said...

My one item...I'm torn between gum, wipes, or tampons. All three can be so desperately needed at any given time :)

the broomes said...

My purse almost always contains kids' underwear and random little toys too:) ...Mine would probably be sunglasses. I loathe having to drive around/be outside without shades:)

Kelly Via said...

This made me think of the contents in my purse...oh my, what a mess. I think I need to clean mine out ASAP.

RIP Jenn's red purse. You have been served your purpose well and will be missed.

Briana said...

chapstick. totally.