Thursday Thoughts

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I'll start with the important stuff: I found my boots. And stayed in my budget too. These are them:

just kidding. (can you really see me wearing those?!)

these are really them, just in brown:

I got asked if I ran a daycare this week. While out with my three kids. Three. Really? Since when did three kids constitute a daycare? I have to say I was surprised by the question. Not offended. After all, when you become a transracial family you sort of expect questions and I realize we don't look like a "normal" family anymore. I was just surprised. I didn't see the daycare question coming.

While tucking the kids into bed last night Ezra prayed this prayer:

Dear Jesus, Help us to honor you. Thank you for Lightning Mcqueen. And help me to eat cookies. Amen.

I love him.

We studied pumpkins this week. Life cycles. Lots of pumpkin crafts. Baked some seeds. Wrote a story. Added and subtracted seeds. Learned about estimating (the number of seeds in a pumpkin). More pictures to come later.

Here's a fun freebie that we plan on taking advantage of this halloween weekend:

My kids can put down some pancakes. In an amazing fashion. If you are in durham...maybe we will see you there?!

Speaking of halloween...this is the first year I have not stressed over costumes. Or rather, the lack of costumes. That could be because the kids came up with their own plan this year. Ella is going to be Ariel (thanks Areyna!), Eli is vacillating between being a cutie lion or spiderman, and Ezra is going as Ezra.

And beyond the whole "to celebrate or not to celebrate" halloween debate that a lot of people get worked up over...Here is something that really warrants getting worked up over: The involvement of child trafficking and slave labor in cocoa bean harvesting and chocolate production. Go read for yourself. I had no idea.

Happy Thursday!
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mommajeane said...

Thanks for sharing this ... Your 3 new siblings are from this region...While they may be relatively "healthy" ( which is not our usual child that the Lord has given to us)..we were told we have "saved" them from exactly what was shared in this article.. not to mention the sex slave trade...You know these West African countries don't manufacture any chocolate...they just export cocoa beans. I think this has hit a nerve of mine. Thanks for sharing this.. and may I use it on my blog..I am still processing everything from our trip.

I get asked all the time if I cam Sam's nanny or daycare worker : )

Ginger said...

I love the boots you found... can you tell me where you got them... or what brand they are. I'm looking for something similar.