Thursday Thoughts

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My fabulous in-laws are in through the weekend and we have lots of fun things planned. This is their first real time meeting Eli, as they only saw him for about an hour when they picked us up from the airport fresh from Ethiopia. I have no doubt he will be in love by the end of the weekend. And vice versa.

I didn't do a unit study this week in our homeschool, but instead, went kind of (gasp!) traditional for a week. We did mostly workbooks and sitting at the table kind of things. Ella loves worksheets and checking off her it was kind of a nice change of pace for us. Don't think I will get in a habit of that, but again, it was a nice change for a week.

Ella got into a painting spurt this week and popped out a new one almost everyday. Fit them on our fridge, ha! Jeremiah teases me that Ella's art display walls are slowly taking over our house. Normally I am not so sentimental about the kids art and am happy to take a picture of it before throwing it into the trash...but I haven't had the heart to throw her paintings away. Yet.

I am in the market for a good boot. Or pair of boots, I guess would be more accurate. I'm finding it a harder search than I first thought it would be. I want something that looks like this one:

But in a less than $50 price tag. Preferably, in a $20 price tag. Yes, I know...probably not going to happen. But, a girl can dream. Right?

My parents are back from Ghana, as of 6am this morning. I haven't actually gotten to talk with them, but I am most anxious to. And hopefully sharing some news about my newest siblings.

Happy Thursday!
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Allyson said...

check target-- i was there last night and they had a couple of black boots similar to that one for 30!