Thursday Thoughts

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I woke up to a thunderstorm this morning. Now, that is a great way to start your day.

I made the observation yesterday that by losing one of my children during the day the noise and chaos and work level went down by a good fifty percent. Not sure about the math of that (1/3 = 1/2) but then again math has never been my strong point.

Having only the boys was a rare treat yesterday. Our fun included eating lunch at the McDonalds playground where I only had to rescue Eli from the top two times. That is progress people. And only three trips to the bathroom in a one hour period. Which I blame entirely on the blasted hand dryers that entice my boys. They had no competition from big sister to drive the gator. And therefore no one to tell them no when they discovered a pile of deer poop in their favorite gravel pile. Brown rocks. No fights over which movie to watch as there is only one movie in their minds worth watching (Cars for all you non-boy mommies). And extra help building one of their intricate roads from this Mommy who didn't have to divide her attention. A great day enjoying my boys.

But I was ready for my girl to come home too.

Eli and I are having a much better week. I attribute a lot of it to a discussion Jeremiah and I had about how old we felt Eli was emotionally...not in real age. We both agreed that he is between an 18month old and 2 year old. And I realized that my expectations needed to be lowered and I needed to loosen up a bit on him. This may sound pretty duh, and like something I should have been doing already. But I wasn't. And now I am. And it has helped a lot this week.

Why do we cry at the footage of the Chilean miners being rescued? At least if you have a heart you did. Or at the very least got a lump in your throat. Perhaps it is because it is such a real life picture of how God has rescued us. As a Christian, my position before Christ was one of a trapped miner, living life in the dark. Christ went to great lengths to rescue me, to bring me up to life in the light.

My mom and dad are headed to Ghana this weekend for their first trip for their most recent adoption. My two Via sisters are headed home from Uganda as I write this after spending two weeks ministering with Arise Africa. And I will admit here that I am very excited and a little bit jealous of all of them.

This is how I found Ezra taking his nap yesterday. Just a few more cars than the allowed three:

But so gosh darn cute that I bended the rules just this one time.

Happy Thursday!
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mommajeane said...

I am so smiling here... I love that little onary guy.

Renae said...

Again, you have echoed my struggles and issues with Ava....thanks for sharing:).

Erin Hemric said...

I'm a math teacher and although I can't explain how losing 1/3 cuts the work in half, I get it. If just one or two of my students are absent in one of my large classes, they are MUCH easier to manage. I miss those absent students, but enjoy the "easier" day.

If you made it through the McDonald's playground without Ezra getting naked, you're doing well! Isn't that staircase to the top REALLY windy and much longer than you expect when you go in to rescue/clothe a little one?? :)

Tasha Via said...

I loved catching up on all your blogs that I've missed! Entertaining and sweet as usual! I'll call you soon:)