thursday thoughts

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My hair has been falling out by the clump fulls. You'd think I was going through chemo. For those of you who have never had children...this is one of the things no one ever tells you about: the way your hair falls out a few months after the baby is born. Weird but true. Consider yourself told.

Speaking of hair, I got a hair cut yesterday for the first time in 5 months. Now I feel more like myself and less cousin it-ish.

Moving is highly overrated. I've decided you can bury me in this house because I never want to move again. Ever.

Christmas is coming.
Ready or not.
I'm more on the not side of things at the moment with nary a decoration up or gift bought.
But that's ok...we will soon catch up.

Jeremiah hung things on the wall for me yesterday. It's amazing how getting pictures hung make it feel like home. That and putting magnets on the fridge.

It's a good thing this little girl is so cute because she has been giving me a run for my money in the middle of the nights. Happy as a clam during the day. Not so clam-like at night.

Cute. Cute.

Crazy to think that she turns 4 months this weekend.

Anyone know a good and easy way to get paint out of carpet? Not that I need to get paint out of my new carpet or anything. Ahem.

Happy Thursday!
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I wish I could have my "pregnancy hair" back without another pregnancy! ha! My hair still isn't back to normal and Braylen is almost 2. I guess they are worth it though.

I wonder if nail polish remover would work? google it!