ode to the farm

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I remember the first time I visited the farm and we took a walk around the pond...

Ella was only 2 and Ezra was just a wee baby. And Tilly the cat frustrated the mess out of Ella because she "would not obey" her and follow her the way she wanted.

Fast forward a few months...

We had sold our house.
Moved to the farm.
And started renovations.

Oh yes, the renovations...

What would we ever do without the helping hands of our family? Cate and PawPaw back in 2008.

Fast forward a few years...

Beavers and berries.
Apples and figs.
Swings and turtle hunts.
Fishing and walks around the pond.
Tree climbing.
Vegetable gardens.
Bugs. Bugs. And more bugs.
A snake or two.
Butterflies and birds.

This never gonna be a farm girl had become a farm girl.

We enjoyed making a lifetime of memories in just 3 short years.

The farm will always hold a special place in our hearts.

And live forever in the imaginations of my children...

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ADawson said...

I LOVE the last picture!

mommajeane said...

I loved the farm and so did everyone else here. It was a gift and a beautiful place to be when we came for a visit.

Tasha Via said...

Awww...the farm...how we are going to miss thee:(

Loved the farewell post!

Cam and Meg said...

It was a beautiful place...you will have to come up with a new blog subtitle : )

DebHambrick said...

ohhh, I loved the farm too! Great memories! The farm and the cabin will now be in the same memory file. sigh...

Now for the next chapter! ;-)