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I saw an interesting (to me) piece on the today show about how more americans use google to look up recipes now than actual cook books. The top 3 recipes looked up: pancakes, chili, and banana bread.

I think I have looked up both chili and banana bread recipes on the interwebs myself. What about you?

I do believe my children are part monkey these days. As soon as they are in a new environment there first order of business is to scope out if there are any things to climb on. It doesn't even matter if it is only 2 inches up from the just has to be up.

I have banished the phrase "I won" from our house. They were turning everything (and by everything I do mean everything) into a competition. Drinks were being spilled, clothes were being put on even more haphazardly than normal, pee was being flung (I wish I was kidding)...all in their haste to be the "winner".

Ella has strep throat. And thus broken our long time healthy streak. Poor thing has been a mopey mess since Monday night. We are reaching the miracle 24 hour mark of her being on an antibiotic tonight and I fully expect a quick rebound.

Unless of course one of the others (or heaven forbid the daddy) gets it. And then the vicious cycle just repeats itself.

Tis the season.

I'm so grumpy today.

I hate days when I'm grumpy.
I know I have no reason to be.
I know how blessed I am.
I know. I know. I know.

But I'm still grumpy today.

Happy (grumpy) Thursday!

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I love your honesty! I have had too many "grumpy for no reason" days lately too! Adjusting to a new baby takes time and I am very impatient, but learning to rest in this season :)