Thursday Thoughts

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First day of winter today. Not that it feels like it here. We've been able to play outside without jackets on pretty much all of December. But the part that I really love about winter officially starting is that every day from now on the daylight is slowly extending. The early dark nights have been hard this year...

The kids Christmas present showed up yesterday. By way of 18 wheeler...

We just might still be setting it up NEXT Christmas.

Anybody who would like to come help us set it up...feel free. We will even feed you.

Speaking of new toys. Look at this happy girl who is growing up entirely too fast and totally enjoying her exersaucer a whole month ahead of when her brother and sister played in it...

Only three more days until Christmas!

I have a couple things to wrap and a quick trip to run to the grocery store then I am all ready. Woohoo!

If you live in the south Durham/Cary/Morrisville area and need an awesome Christmas Eve service to attend, please come to The Creek for their first ever Christmas Eve Service! It's gonna be incredible! You can click here for more details.

I hear the worship pastor is hot.

Not that you should come because of that.
(By the way, he is taken...and if you try then I will have to kill you. Slowly and painfully.)

On that note...

Happy Thursday!

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mommajeane said...

She is so cute...I really am missing you all tonite. Seeing her sweet smile and her joyful face is precious.

Wish we were close and could come to the Christmas eve service. I am sure it will be a special worship.