zoe elizabeth: four months

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Oh. My. Goodness.

Our Zoe is four months old. Already.

I know I've established this before but it bears repeating: She's got cute covered.

As it stands:

Her eyes are a dark hazel color and her hair remains dark.
She can roll over. And over and over and over. Especially fun in the middle of the night.
She is loud. Our most vocal baby ever.
Her nighttime sleep has taken a backwards trend with all the transitions of the last month.
Still naps good. 3 a day...lasting between 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours.
Do not interrupt her while she is eating.
She is sort of a momma's girl. Never had one of those.
She has discovered four of the greatest toys ever: left hand, right hand, left foot, right foot. Multiple combination possibilities available for endless fun.
I'm guessing she is around 16lbs?
Wears size 6 months clothes and can fit into some 9 months for the length.
Loves her siblings.
Does not love strangers. Especially when tired.

And finally,
Makes the greatest expressions...

Happy four months sweet girl!

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mommajeane said...

Oh my this Nana's heart is overflowing to see her sweetness. Having 2 "grand" babies now is pure joy. She is changing so much.

Kristen said...

So cute!

Hi, I followed a link that said quite a few people had clicked on my Backwoods Mom blog via a link you put up...THANKS! I love the look of your family...and your photos, I could look at all day. I was disappointed you don't have a Facebook for your blog...or at least I didn't find one...because that's the only way I actually follow blogs...I mean, I "follow", but I never remember to look at them again unless they pass across my FB wall! haha. Come say hi on my site sometime. :-)

Stacey said...

Agreed! She's got cute covered! She looks like your brothers girls a bit!

Happy four months! =)

Stacey said...

Sorry...I meant your sister, Mary Kate...Ava & Mady. Darlings! Congratulations on the newest addition there too!

Briana said...

what a cutie pie. i love all the expression pictures. those are great.