photojournal: halloween recap

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**I interrupt all the election whining, bragging, complaining, and bargaining with this post intended to overwhelm you with the cuteness of my kids and forget all about the political season we just went through**

We may not get Thanksgiving or Christmas with Jeremiah's parents this year...but we sure did a good job of enjoying Halloween with them last week!

The pictures of all four of the kids in their costumes turned out terrible (they were too excited to start trick or treating to hold still!) I should note that Eli was Thor, Ezra was Captain America, Zoe was a cow, and Ella was Lucy from Chronicles of Narnia. 

The fun of halloween wasn't just relegated to trick or treating. Oh no, we made a entire day of fun out of it this year...
Carving pumpkins, family style!

Caramel apples, anyone?! I'm still not sure what happened to the one in the middle?

Candy corn alphabet bingo was a big hit.

All that remained of the yummy garlic roasted pumpkin seeds. A nice salty contrast to all the sweets of the day.

Zoe wanted to make sure you saw the backside of her cow costume. Or maybe she wouldn't hold still?  

Zoe also insisted on walking almost the entire 1.2 mile loop of our neighborhood. Strollers are for babies.

The booty pile. Don't worry, I made sure they paid the parents tax. 

See, wasn't that a refreshing relief from all the election talk?!

You're welcome.
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