where i procrastinate from packing

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Oh, its a big week around here:
A Thanksgiving trip to my mom's...
Ella turns seven...
And Haiti!

Yesterday was the shopping and gather day.
Today is the laundry and packing day.
And tomorrow starts the fun and craziness!

I'm so excited for Thanksgiving with my family. I haven't been home for an actual holiday in a long time...and my mom is a great cook, ha!

I'm so thankful we got the stomach bug mess out of the way before all this traveling.

I'm in denial that I am about to have a seven year old.

And Haiti!

This little girl decided she was sorry for being such a stinker earlier and giving such a pouty face. So here's a cracker covered gap toothed smile this time...

Bring on the festivities!
(after I get the rest of that packing finished...)
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mommajeane said...

We all can't wait….

Tasha Via said...

So glad you get to go home for a holiday and eat your mama's yummy food!

Happy Thanksgiving, friend:)

VERY thankful for your friendship...