thursday thoughts

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I took the kids on an "adventure" through the nature trail by our house yesterday. I was feeling brave and thought I'd off road it.

Um, yeah...

That might not have been my best mommy moment.

We were all stuck in a huge briar patch with weeds up over my head and I was completely disoriented...all while trying to remain calm and talk in a sing-song voice so my kids didn't panic. Its possible I ended up carrying each child, one by one, to make it out of the evil pricker bush...with Zoe in the ergo at the same time.

Please do not be deceived by the happy smiles in this picture...they didn't last long...

Although, let it be noted that Ezra told me it was the "best real adventure" he had ever been on. Once the tears had dried.

My kids have been uber creative this week. I love these bursts, even though I despise all the extra mess. I try to squelch all my ocd tendencies in effort to not squelch their creativity.

Ella and the boys created entire doll families out of clothespins yesterday afternoon...
The "fro" brothers and Rapunzel

This book might have had something to do with this creative phase...

It is official that Zoe has dropped her morning nap. While I do enjoy the fact that we have our entire mornings free to go places...when we aren't going places, and attempting to "do" school, things have gotten even more...well, interesting...
High chair containment lasts at best 6.25 minutes.

Happy Thursday!
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