swiftly fly the years: Ella McKay turns seven

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Seven seems so old.
Grown up.
And she is...really truly growing up.

She is now a long-limbed and lanky version of her younger self...like a young colt who doesn't quite know what to do with her arms and legs yet.

No longer a wide-eyed kindergartner...she is still curious about her world but displays a confidence in what she already knows and has mastered. Her cognitive and emotional development have changed so that she is much better able to handle changes and transitions and better control her emotions. All 4,000 of them! (for the record, I've decided my boys have 4.)

We talk often about how her emotions are like a wild horse: beautiful and powerful, with the ability to do great things...or lead her off into a crazy uncontrollable ride. "Control your horse" is said often around here. (Mostly to myself!)

She is such a blessing and I never tire over the gift that she is.
I genuinely enjoy being with her and like her.
I know that sounds funny coming from a mom...but then again, I think other moms will understand that statement.
I don't just love her...I like her too.

My sweet smart shyly sassy Ella McKay, you are loved (and liked) deeply. 

Happy Seven Years Old!

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