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I don't know about you but I'm ready to call it a weekend.
Anyone else want to join me?

My new (not so new) forget everything and go into mindless entertain me mode television show is Once Upon A Time. I always thought the previews looked lame so I never watched it...until I tried it a few weeks ago on netflix and was hooked. Anyone else out there like this show?

I lost Zoe this week at the library.
Like lost lost her.
As in shut the entire library down lost her.
Heart attack moment, folks.
I seriously lost a few years off of my life in those few short minutes.

She was found in the copy room happily pushing all the buttons.
And sweetly gave me her gap toothed grin when I found her.

Similar to this one, minus the blueberry smoothie.

The weather has been entirely schizophrenic this week around here. Winter coat cold one day and short sleeves the next. Although lets not count this as a complaint as I am well aware of all the people in the north who are braving a nor'easter after just making it through Hurricane Sandy.

So, it is official. Jeremiah and I are headed back to Haiti in a couple of weeks. Excited is an understatement!

Taken in 2009 during a day trip out of the concrete jungle known as Port au Prince.
How in the world is it already the 2nd week of November?
Christmas is seriously just around the corner...

I decided last night after a minor meltdown which was the result of feeling the crunch of being over scheduled the past few weeks that I am truly going to simplify our schedule the whole month of December. Drastically simplify. I want the freedom to focus on the things that are really important next month. Anyone care to join me?!

Happy Thursday!

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I may or may not have lost a child here and there. If I ever did, I know I would totally feel your pain. Reminds me of a time I found a kid just a little older than Zoe at the door of the Downtown D-town library. Took him to the desk and was told I would HAVE to WAIT. The guy was busy checking out books for someone. I might have made just a bit of a scene about the relative importance of checking out books vs. lost toddlers.

Allyson said...

Can't wait to hear how your trip goes!! Get ready to fall in love all over again just 100x more!

Bobbie Grant said...

I love Once Upon A Time! It does drive me a bit crazy at times, though. I don't know how they will make it last season after season.

I wish I could simplify December...