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Somehow I lost a whole week in blogging world. I was too busy enjoying the time we had with my mom and sister visiting. Sidenote: Haiti has been very good at teaching me the value of relationships over everything else!

We fit the highlights reel of our entire 3+ months of experience of Haiti within one week to share with my family...the mountains, the beach, our favorite local finds, and of course...our extra 30 kids.

First off, a day trip out of the dusty dirty city into the cool mountains...

He is in his happy place up in the mountains. Notice the long sleeved shirt.

Ezra found a trail...

Which led to this discovery...

What a view, huh! 
Unfortunately, Ezra's trail also led him to find a razor wire barb to the head. Head wounds bleed a lot and there was some initial freaking out. Thankfully, it wasn't serious and we all calmed down once we got the blood cleaned up. Oh, Ezra!

The favorite part of the adventure was time spent with Nana!

To say that we enjoyed our time with my mom and sister is the understatement of the year! The kids loved all the extra attention and snuggles and special treats they brought with them.

It was really hard saying goodbye at the airport...but we truly will treasure our memories made from the week.

Pictures of the rest of the week to come later in the week...

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Tasha Via said...

I am SO glad you had some visitors! There's nothing like a mom hug:)

If that was you who tried to facetime me and I couldn't answer it for some reason...I cried! And if it wasn't you...well I cried anyway, thinking of how long its been since I talked to you, friend.

Love you tons!