Thursday Thoughts

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Last night my in-laws flew back into Haiti...scheduled to be here for the next several months.

Can I get a great big WAHOO please?!!!

They were here for the first 10 days after our arrival to Haiti, then were back in the US for speaking engagements and conferences over the last 3 months. I cannot express how excited we are to have them back here with us. My kids are over the moon.

They were welcomed back to this great country with airplane delays, a dead battery in their van, a rescue from their son in a van whose AC just went kaput, lost luggage...and a great herd of grandkids excited to see them.

I think the grandkids were the only redeeming part of their welcome back to Haiti, ha!

So, Christmas is less than a week away...

Let me just talk about the fact that it feels so weird that it is so close, and yet I haven't set foot in one store to shop, I haven't wrapped one present, I haven't sent one card, I haven't received one card, I haven't gone to one party, and I haven't experienced a day below 90 degrees.

We have made homemade decorations, decorated a gingerbread house, done daily Christmas devotions, made cookies, and listened to lots of Christmas it does feel like Christmas.

Just Christmas without all the hype.

I love how life here strips away all the unnecessary and reveals the truly worthwhile.

It's been a busy week around the mission with exams going on, nanny meetings, staff meetings, and Christmas preparations being finalized for the kids. Our mission kids have three weeks off from school for Christmas break and we have been busy planning out the days to keep them busy and out of trouble and have some fun experiences together!

Happy Thursday!
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