photojournal: Wahoo Beach

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When my family was here, of course we had to show them the beach!

Living on a Caribbean island, there is obviously no shortage of beaches to choose from...and this time we tried a new one (Wahoo beach for any local person that is interested) that was fabulous and kid friendly. Only about an hours drive out of the city, the beach was completely empty and we had our own private beach for the majority of the day.

I mean, seriously...can it get any more beautiful?

Ella and Jeremiah hopped a boat and went on a snorkeling adventure to a coral reef and discovered all kinds of fun creatures.

Zoe had a great time too. However, she is two. With a penchant for crankiness when things don't go her way.

I think this is the first time we have all sported a serious tan in the middle of winter.

Sanity is restored during these short breaks from the city.
The reminder of the beauty that is present in this country refreshes all our souls.

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