photojournal: Field Trip!

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A couple of Sundays ago we took all our kids out of the mission for a field trip to a local schools playground and soccer field. was so much fun!

Because our mission has its own school and church, our kids really don't get "out" very much. The opportunity to leave the mission and watch their faces as we drove through the city was awesome. That and the fact that cramming 30 kids (+ our family + 2 nannies + our Haitian directors family) into a couple of large vehicles is just simply a crazy fun adventure!

When the kids first started going to the playground they actually had to be taught how to use playground equipment...most had never swung on a swing or seen a set of monkey bars. 

Not this day! 

They knew exactly what to do...

Silly, giggly girls!

Sweet Widley

Eli and Nahoum have really become good buddies.

So have Apploste and Jeremiah =)

KeeKee decided to show off his hand walking skills...impressive!

Soccer...lots and lots of soccer was played!
To say they were tired at the end of the day was an understatement. Everyone was falling asleep at devotions that night, ha!

I love the opportunity to share in these fun memory making moments with these kids!
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Rebecca said...

What a sweet post, Jen! Glad that you are all recovered from the stomach virus. Praying for you guys and for your kids (all 34!). Thanks for sharing your ministry through your blog!