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Sometimes I lull along taking care of the needs here within Have Faith Mission, busy with making sure the kids are putting on their lotions and getting their vitamins and reading them stories...

Then an interaction happens and I am reminded and struck with the enormity of the needs here within all of Haiti.

I spoke with a mother yesterday who was in such desperate need that she wanted to leave her four kids with us. Her story is not unique; the father is deceased and she is unable to find work and feed or clothe her children. Unfortunately it is a story that is repeated over and over and over.

I cannot understand being in a position of desperation so deep that I would ever consider giving up my children.

But that is just it...I've never been in a position like that.

It is all too easy for me to judge when it is not my place to judge.

It's my place to love.

It's always my place to love.

There is no one size fits all application for loving in Haiti. Sometimes, loving means sending a mother who really wants to mother on her way with some assistance. Sometimes, it means connecting a mother with the right people to provide resources for her family to remain intact. Sometimes, and in the case of the 30 kids that have been abandoned by family that live within the walls of this mission, it is raising them in the best possible environment to provide a hopeful future for them.

My flesh wants to jump to judgement and even anger sometimes when I see the circumstances here. My lesson of the last three months continues to well.

I have a never ending supply of love from the one who IS love, who also promises to provide wisdom for how to flesh out that love in a way that is truly loving.

Sweet of the ones we are called to love here within our walls.
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heidi said...

Wow. good.

mommajeane said...

A prayer the Lord will always answer completely and fully and to overflowing is this, “ Lord give me your love for….” May He continue to fill you all with love abounding for the precious children in your life.