Not Me Monday: and the ants go marching on

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do not come to my kitchen every morning and do battle with ants. Every. single. blessed. morning.

do not say evil things under my breath as I watch a new trail of  them marching along my counter, table, wall, fridge...

have not tried every single natural attempt at ridding them and then tried every single un-natural attempt. All attempts a great big epic fail.

My husband did not finally admonish me to give up the fight and just "accept them as a part of our family."

I did not actually heed his words and decide that in the interest of my mental state that perhaps it is best just to welcome them to the family.


Sidenote: If anyone knows of any magic tricks for ridding our new family members, feel free to pass them along!
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Tasha Via said...

Our kitchen in Charlotte was the exact same way. And here they are everywhere outside, but they love the garden. I've tried it all too, so I'm anxious to see if I see any new "treatment" plans I've not heard of or tried yet. Sorry for the unwanted house guests:(

Sharon Byrum said...

I have heard and used Cinnamon. just sprinkle it on all your entry ways ... windows & doors. They don't cross over it.

Worked for me!