reunited (and it feels so good!)

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This will be (unfortunately) a pictureless post. A sure sign that we are really back in Haiti as our internet stinks here and takes days, hours,  way too long to upload pictures.

Three weeks can really fly by.
Especially when you are having fun.

Fun was had.
And great memories were made.

But, I am very very happy to be back "home" and out of a suitcase.
Living out of a suitcase gets really old, fast.

I wasn't expecting to feel such a sense of home returning here to Haiti. I am realizing that whatever our future holds down the road we will forever feel a divided sense of home...with family and dear friends in both countries now.

Reuniting with our kids at the mission was awesome. They really know how to make a person feel missed, ha! I was so happy to see them all looking so healthy and happy. And my kids are over the moon (Ella and Eli especially) to be reunited with their friends here.

We hit the ground running with a lot of visitors coming to the mission and preparing for a dental clinic team coming in this weekend. And of course, Jeremiah has had to work on numerous plumbing issues that came up in our absence and fix the mission van already =)

Happy weekend!
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Tasha Via said...

So glad you made it home safely and that you feel like your Haiti home truly is "home" for this season!