Service Opportunity! (New Life Week at Have Faith Haiti Mission)

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**UPDATED 3/18 - ALL THE CHILDREN HAVE BEEN SPONSORED!!! Thank you so much for eveyones quick responses! I am so excited =) For those of you that emailed, I will be sending out details to you throughout the day today. **

Hello friends!

As I have written about many many many times in the past...Easter is my favorite holiday.
In the whole wide world favorite!

We have always deemed it Holy Week with our family and made it a week long event, full of fun and learning and remembering and celebrating. It seriously is my favorite week of the year.

We've decided that we would love to share all this excitement with our kiddo's at our mission and have started planning some similar activities...just on a bigger scale, ha!

Here's where you come in. If you'd like to, that is.

One the last day of Holy Week, Easter Sunday, we'd love to present new church dresses/outfits for all our kids as a visual reminder of the new life the Lord has provided us.

Great idea, right?!

However, I am not in America to go shopping and gather everything.


However, I do have a dear friend traveling to Haiti the week before Easter who has generously offered to help coordinate things for me, and donate suitcase space to bring everything down!

We need volunteers to choose a child (or multiple children if you'd like!) and go shopping for them and either bring them to my friend (she is a local Durham, NC friend) or have them shipped to her.

If you are interested, please email me at: jennifer @ (no spaces) and I will match you with a child (or children) and their sizes and give you all the specifics.

We will need the dresses/outfits delivered by APRIL 9TH!! That's not a lot of time, so we need to get hopping!

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