the land of two seasons and carseats till college

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It's been almost two weeks now since we've returned to the land of two seasons. (Hot and hotter)

We are settled back in, I think. And I can't believe how much easier the transition has been this time around.

So. much. gloriously. easier.

The kids and I were riding in the open air of a flat bed truck to take a visiting dental team back to their guest house and it hit me how crazy it is that...riding in the open air of a flat bed truck over crazy bumpy roads and seeing sights such as pigs eating trash on the side of the road...feels normal.

Ezra was standing up holding onto the railing with the wind in his face and he yelled to me, "We don't get to do this in America!" 

No, buddy...we don't. America is the land of car seats until you go off to college.

It's been extra busy ever since we got back. Like, way more than normal busy with a lot of visitors, a dental clinic, and preparations for TODAY'S big beach trip. Taking 30+ kiddo's to the beach is no joke, people.

No. Joke.

I went earlier in the week to scope out the beach as it is a privately owned place and we needed to know what/how to prepare for it. It is unlike any other beach we've been to here as you veer off the main road down a long drive on a dirt road lined with banana groves on either side...

And then...your're there...

So beautiful.

I'm so bummed that I'm not actually going though. Three of our kiddo's at the mission have been struggling with behavioral problems in school. Rather major ones. We have been teaching ever since we got here that good choices equal good consequences and bad choices equal bad consequences. Therefore, they are not getting the privilege of a beach trip. And guess who gets to stay behind and supervise the cleaning of the showers by toothbrush?

You guessed

I am choosing a good attitude today. And not thinking about all the sun and fun and memories being made.

Ok, maybe I am thinking about it a little.

I am sending Jeremiah off with strict instructions to make sure that:

#1 - All kiddo's be brought back.
#2 - He takes lots of pictures.

Pretty easy instructions, eh.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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the cleaning of showers by toothbrush...this put such a smile on my face. character building takes many shapes...