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It's been two years since I did one of these, so I'd say it was about time.

A few notes about these pictures:

1) These pictures are straight out of the camera and have not been edited in any way in order to better reflect the reality of my day.

2) Having older children who can take pictures for you now enabled me to be in more of the pictures than ever before. That is kind of fun.

3) I call this a day in the life, but in actuality, this day was sort of abnormal for us. Eli woke up that morning with a fever, so we kept him and therefore one of us adults at home all day. A more normal day has more moments of all of us over at the mission rather than at home. Then again, what is more real life than a sick day with your kids?!

4) This day in pictures reflects my day, not Jeremiah's. We tag team a lot at the mission, so when he isn't in a picture, he is over at the mission. On this particular day I kept the kids up later so he could tuck them into bed after tucking everyone else in at the mission.

"Look Mom, my tooth fell out!"

Our water cistern is behind that brown door. Every morning I pump water to the cistern on our roof.

Goodmorning Zoobles.

I like to do the girls hair during breakfast as they are immobile for a few minutes at least =)

Sadly, we have no dishwasher here so this scene greets me three times a day.

School time.

Thankfully my husband doubles as a part time dishwasher once the mission kids get sent off to school =)

Opening the gate to our house so I can go to the market. 

It's not for wimps.

Some of my views on the way to the store. I love the handmade kite corner.

Back home, boys play on the ipad while I put away food.

Zoe keeps playing with her animals.

Laundry never ends.

After lunch, I put Zoe down and Jeremiah and I switch off so I can be with our younger kids at the mission when they get out of school.
3pm meeting with our nannies.

Office work.

But its so much more fun to play with the kids =)

Big kids are let out of school at 4:30. Nahoum tells me every day "Ms. Jennifer, I have something to tell you: Today I had a _____________ day."

"Ms. Jennifer, look at this lizard I found in the tree!"

"Ms. Jennifer, look at the Kanip tree getting ready for fruit!"

"Ms. Jennifer, look, no hands!"

Dinnertime at the mission: tuna and fruit

Again, that awesome hubby washed all my dinner dishes at home.

A little Frozen soundtrack for your zoning out pleasure.

Yes, my boys fold and put away all their own laundry. I've decided not to be picky about it =)

Zoe likes to wave to the passerbyers on the street below.

Our nightly entertainment of watching the boys across the street wrestle on their rooftop.

"Sorry Dad, we broke the bed."

And finally,  a few quiet minutes with my favorite person before I fall into bed.

And that's a wrap.
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Rebecca said...

Wow, such a pouring out of yourselves for others... thanks for that post and for your example of love. Hope you rest well tonight!

Erin Snyder said...

My favorite is the shower selfie!! :)

Can't wait to see all of you in just a few days!!!

Tasha Via said...

Jenn this was my FAVORITE! I love that I can picture so much of your surroundings now:) Thanks for a day with you!