Beyond the Face: Chivensky

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His name is Chivensky, but we all call him KeeKee.

If you've ever spent time in Haiti and gotten discouraged, which is very easy to do when you see the overwhelming poverty and conditions...I challenge you to spend some time with this boy and not feel your hopefulness return.

I love this boy. He is truly exceptional and gives such a hopeful reflection on the potential held within this country. On the potential that Christ creates when you surrender your life, no matter your age or past circumstances.

He is at the top of his class in school. If you ask him what his favorite thing to do is, he will tell you school.

Soccer is a close second.

He is easy going and a great big brother to the little boys around here. He is a favorite of Zoe's, who has been very slow to be won over by anyone.

His favorite colors are yellow and orange. He loves to help out and is hard working at any task you assign him. He is a master at the bongo drums which he plays every night in our devotions. A master.

His story, like all of the others, is one of sadness and bad circumstances that while he didn't create, he lived in the consequences. But his story, unlike so many others, is not going to end there because this boy truly is growing in Christ.

On Christmas Day KeeKee was found sitting off by himself, crying. When prodded as to the reason for his tears he told that his brother was there and he was sad because he knew that his brother didn't know Jesus. His brother was called over and KeeKee proceeded to share Christ with him.

His biological brother is now his spiritual brother.

Pray for KeeKee, that he would continue living with his open and teachable spirit. That he would continue excelling in school and as an example to those around him. Pray that he is allowed opportunities to continue developing and growing. Pray that the Holy Spirit would continue to be allowed freedom to work in his life.

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