where a kid can be a kid (and a supply list)

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I am sending Jeremiah off again to Haiti next week, and I am super excited about what he gets to do this trip!

After living in Haiti with my own four kiddo's I can say with complete certainty that Haiti is not a kid-friendly country. With a long history of slash and burn agriculture and lack of open land, the orphanage and mission compounds (especially in the capital city of Port-au-Prince) are more practical than playful.

In the list of priorities I get that a playground should go lower of the list than food or medical care. I do, I really do.

However, I am convinced, that once basic food, shelter, clothing, medical and educational needs are met, a child's opportunity to be a child isn't something to be overlooked. Any child development specialist (or parent!) will tell you that play is so much more than play in the life of a child!

During our work at Have Faith Haiti Mission, we had the opportunity to build a playground for the children who live on the compound and it started a ground swell of orphanage and mission directors asking if they could have one built.

And so, Jeremiah is going back to build a playground for our friends at the orphanage of Christian Light. I mean, really, how fun is that?!

While he is down there he will (of course!) be visiting our kiddo's at Have Faith Haiti and we'd love to take some needed supplies for them as well. We have learned that they are low on the following items:

Aveeno lotion (off brand is fine)
Cetaphil cream
Hydrocortisone cream
Antifungal cream
Antibacterial cream (Neosporin)

If you are interested in providing any of these supplies you can contact me at jennifer @ utwwk.com (no spaces) and I can get details to you. Also, if you'd like to give a check, gift card or money towards these supplies I will be going shopping THIS coming Sunday, Feb 17th and I'd be more than happy to spend your money =)

Also, there are many more orphanages that have expressed interest in having similar playgrounds built on their compounds, but at the cost of around $3,000 per playground, they aren't inexpensive projects to finance for an orphanage. If you'd like to donate towards the cost of one, you can visit our website and donate directly to this special project. Or perhaps, put together a team and come to Haiti and build one yourself!

As always, thank you so much for your support! We couldn't do what we do without awesome people like you!

Stay tuned for pictures and an update in a few weeks!
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