the week we got our wish

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An answer to the fervent prayers of all my children and especially my husband was received with great we enjoyed not just a snow day but an entire snow week!

I know a lot of you don't share our happiness over the white stuff, and my northern friends are thinking I am crazy as you have gotten enough snow this winter to last a lifetime, and I get that, I really do...but for us, after an entire year of perpetual summer and a decade of wimpy North Carolina winters...we were ready for ol' man winter to BRING.IT.

And he did!

We had the most delightful week. Truly. 

cozy dinners, 
sledding and more sledding, 
indoor balloon volleyball matches, 
art-ing it up,
and movies. 
Lots of movies.

Of course, there is that whole school thing, which we managed to fit in a lot of. #homeschoolprobs However, I was sensitive to the excitement level and we did school around sledding bursts.

All of the following pictures were taken on the very first day of snow...just as it was starting to pile up. Therefore, yes, Ezra was in his snow gear pretty much the entire day...inside...

Eli baking up our emergency supply of muffins.  
Practicing their technique.

A fitting book, eh. 
Zoe loved being out in the snow, except for the being out the snow part.

Big sis was kind enough to escort her back to the house.

Our driveway is long and steep.
Very steep.
The minivan has its attributes. However, snow prowess is not one of them.
That meant groceries had to be hauled in on a sled.

I can hear my children telling their children about this one day.

And now that we've had our snow and our fun...
Spring can come =)
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Mya Briggs said...

Wow what a fun week.