ground zero

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What I thought was food poisoning (or an anxious stomach) has turned out in fact to be...a dreaded stomach bug that has taken down five out of our six this week. Fun times.

We even had to cancel a fun Valentine's trip that Jeremiah had planned. Yes, fun times. (History
really does repeat itself, because this is not the first or even the second time we have had to reschedule Valentine's day plans due to the end of the world, er, the stomach bug.)

On the bright side, I have lost a few pounds and caught up on some mindless television shows and all our sheets are clean.

The extra snuggles are a nice upside too.

On the down side, I am really missing those tile floors we had in Haiti. So convenient in the midst of a throw up explosion that one of our children just seems to love to spring on us. #ohezra

It's amazing how a stomach bug can reduce your life to ground zero in a matter of seconds. All those things you just had to do, those places you just had to go...nevermind. All your screen time limitations...nevermind. It's pure survival mode and there will be no apologizing for it.

I am happy to report we made it an entire night free and clear and I have bright eyes all around me this morning. Things are looking up.

Here's to a happy (throw up free!) Friday for everyone!

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Ivy said...

you must have sent it over here.... ugh. And we have a vacation scheduled starting Sunday that we can't reschedule..... :/