island of misfit pictures (with some Thursday Thoughts)

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It's been a rare normal week around these parts. 

Both parents were present and accounted for. Just a little bit of sickness. School is plugging along. 
Despite my feelings,  life just keeps moving along. Which is a really good thing. 

I undertook a dining room chair remodel this week. I usually have to do this every 2 years, depending on the mess stage of our family. The longest part of the job is picking out the fabric. Too. many. choices! This time I was in a time crunch and only had 10 minutes to make my decision...I may or may not regret that in a few months.

(For those of you who know me well, you will be shocked to learn that the new fabrics actually include blue. I know, gasp! What is happening to me?) 

It was much simpler this time around. They really are growing up, huh.

Sometimes when I clean out my memory card from my camera I find these images that just don't fit nice and neatly into any of my carefully organized photo categories, but yet, I can't bear to delete them. Which is probably why I NEVER have enough photo storage on any of my devices.

Like this one of my Ella, my good student, working diligently on her research for her report on the state of California...

Or this one of my Ezra, in his happy place at his desk, drawing some kind of creature...

Or the Zoobles, with her winter dry lips, who is asking me a question with her eyes...probably wanting to come back inside...

Or the rare photo sighting of all 5 of my blessings right before we buried our time capsule on New Year's day. Who taught Zoe how to do duck lips?

We are hosting a dinner for our small group from church this weekend. Which may or may not be what precipitated me deciding the dining room chairs needed some work. And then think about the curtains...

Happy Thursday everyone!
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