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Jeremiah had been gone for 10 days and the kiddo's and I are still going strong. My plan of attack has been to stay busy, really busy, and have all of us fall into bed at night exhausted. I normally don't like being too busy...but this has been perfect for making the time go by fast. Although, I think if Zoe doesn't get a nap today she might self-combust so we will make that a priority for the afternoon. 

The playground in Haiti is on schedule to be finished up this afternoon! It is nothing short of a miracle for me to write the word Haiti and on schedule in one sentence. He tells me the kiddo's at the orphanage there are SO excited!! They have plans to sleep out on the top level of it tonight. How fun is that?! Kids are kids are kids, no matter the country. 

It was time to clean out the ol' memory card again...

I love how she is leaning into her brother. So sweet.

Ice is a pain, but so incredibly beautiful.

We hated to miss our church for bad weather  (yes, we have found a church we love!) but home church is always a hit.
Despite Zoe's body language, ha!

The kids and I had a great time at my moms last week. Play-doh is always a hit for this group!

Have books, will travel. One of the best parts of homeschooling.

I have a strong Hungarian heritage on my moms side of the family and cabbage rolls are a family recipe we always enjoyed on special occasions growing up with my grandparents. It was more than a meal, it was a family celebration with Uncles and Aunts and cousins all coming over, and all of us working together on the meal. While up at my moms I got to make them with my mom and sisters, and again, it was a family celebration.

Getting a games of Kings Corner in while the rolls were cooking.

Learning from my mom. And apparently I have good hair in this picture.
Happy Wednesday!
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Mya Briggs said...

It was alot of fun to have you and the kids up. Loved it!