tuesday thoughts (warning: contains explicit three year old language)

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Spring is busting out all over! (Cue Oklahoma music starting in my head...)

I love it, though. I love Spring. My favorite season of all. Minus the allergies, which I haven't had to suffer with for a few years...but I'll deal.

We started a brand new chapter in our lives this week. Two words: Organized sports.

We've been so transient over the past few years and I am not a believer in getting them started in sports as soon as they can walk...so we've waited for their interest to peak and our stability to, well..stabilize. All three big ones started soccer and goodness, are they ever cute out there! It'll be fun to see how it goes and how each of them do.

Zoe has some fun toddler speech typo's going on right now. I just don't have the heart to correct her...

Beavers are "fevers"
Panda bears are "Fonda bears"
and space ships are "space shits"

I know, I know...that last one.

It reminds me of when Ella used to "f%ck her fumb" instead of suck her thumb.

I know, I know...we are very mature parents.

Speaking of parents, my mom was able to come down over the last weekend along with 3 of my siblings and 2 of my nieces. It was a very last minute decision to come and we had already arranged for some mulch to be delivered and so, of course, we put them to work spreading it. Like any good hosts would!

Jeremiah's parents come in tomorrow for the next week and we are super excited! It'll be busy with meetings and ministry stuff...but I'm sure we will manage to eek out some fun family time as well.

Happy Tuesday everyone! 

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Ivy said...

I love it! My BFF told me something about her daughter that I STILL chuckle about--she couldn't say "chocolate"--it was "f%ck it". And they went shopping and when BFF said "no" to her request, yes, the child screamed "f%ck it!!!!!!" all through the store. hahahaha.